Installation Help

Installing multiple panel metal wall art can be a challenge, particularly the first time you do it.  Here are some helpful pointers to help you hang your art as best as possible.

It is best to have someone help you hang the panels, but not required.

Step 1. Lay each panel face down on a soft, non abrasive surface such as a rug, carpet
bed etc. Use special care handling the metal panels as to not scratch the art surface.

On each panel, find the horizontal center, which is about 6 inches, and using a ruler, draw
a vertical line  2 inches from the top(figure 1a) with a pencil at both the top and the bottom of the panel.

Next, draw a horizontal line (figure 1b) below the vertical line.

STEP 2. Remove the film from the mounting adhesive on the mounting plate, this is
the one with a mounting hole in it to hang.  Attach it on the center of the panel where
you made your line.  You can scotch tape your ruler to the metal where the line is to
get it level on the panel.  

Do the same for the support bracket at the bottom.

It is helpful to get the mounting bracket perfectly level and aligned in the center of the
panel, however it is not crucial and you can still hang your art on the wall fine as long as
it is close to the measurements as instructed..

CAUTION! Once you adhere the mounting bracket to the metal, do not make any attempt
to remove it.  Doing so will damage with metal as the adhesive is very strong.

Step 3. For multiple panel sets where all panels are the same size, use clear tape to run along the mounting holes of each panel.  With a marker, make a dot at the center of each hole.  Attach the tape to the wall where you want to hang your art and install your nails/screws into the wall.

It is not always easy to get it perfectly lined up the very first attempt, so be prepared to make multiple holes as you're doing the install.  Using nails will make for less damage in your wall.



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